Amare Roma

amare Roma: our Roma.

When Roma use the expression amare Roma, they refer to those with whom they identify, to whom they belong, to whom they consider themselves related. Various degrees of social grouping can define identity borders. Sometimes the expression amare Roma relates only to a community of relatives, although, in this case, the more usual expression would be amare famiľija / fajta. Amare Roma can be inhabitants of one settlement (osada), or one area in which the inhabitants of some settlements maintain contact with each other. (e.g., If they are interrelated, they gather on family occasions, or get together at fairs or markets in nearby towns.)

The widest community defined by the term amare Roma is the society speaking one language (i.e. closely related subdialects). The particular meaning given to the expression amare Roma depends on the context and on the necessity of differentiating from cudza Roma – foreign Roma.

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