O Memiši buki kerel pišotesa ... – Memiši is working the bellows ...

Told by a Rom from Prilep, Macedonia
Duration: 00:52
Source: Phonogrammarchiv, Austrian Academy of Sciences, B 37800 (excerpt, abridged); recorded by Mozes F. Heinschink among Čergarja in Prilep.
Date: 1972

Memiši works the bellows, which is made of leather, just like a bagpipe. He produces drills, axes, knives, whatever you like. Memiši is the foremost master craftsman in Prilep. I take the tongs, prepare the bellows, heat up the iron, which is in the hearth, until it glows red. Then I take the hammer and work the iron with it, turn the drills and polish them. Subsequently I sell them on the market.