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Mulo story (excerpt)

Duration: 01:30
Source: Phonogrammarchiv, Austrian Academy of Sciences, B 39094E (excerpt); recorded by Mozes F. Heinschink in Vienna.
Date: 1985

At night the deceased husband visited his wife and slept with her. He took off his boots. What did the wife do? She hid his boot! When the deceased got up in the morning, he wanted to leave before the cocks started to crow. He is looking for his boot. "Wife, where’s my boot? Wife, where’s my boot? Wife, where’s my boot? Wife, you are a thief, you should know that from now on I shan’t visit you again." He disappeared never to visit her again. In the morning the wife got up and showed her husband’s boot to her folk: "Do you know this boot, father? My husband has done me much wrong. He slept with me and did me wrong. As of now he won’t come again!" From then on the wife stayed alone. All our Roma know this story.