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So si o prekari? – What is a "prekari"?

Explained by Hodža Kadrija Alioski
Duration: 01:51
Source: Phonogrammarchiv, Austrian Academy of Sciences, B 37598 (excerpt, abridged); recorded by Mozes F. Heinschink in Prilep, Macedonia.
Date: 1971

We in Prilep are all one Roma group. We are all one nation, we have a uniform tradition. Not all of us Roma knew each other, since our ancestors lived in the villages and from the villages fled into town. It was not until they came to town that they got to know each other. It became necessary to find clan names. Why? The name Kadrija, for example, occurs ten times among us. So when you look for me in Prilep, people will ask you: "Which Kadrija? Where does Kadrija live?" This is why it is important that you know my Christian names and my clan name: Kadrija from the Kiramovci, by this name I am known throughout Prilep. There are Mahdžirja among us. We’ve got 25 Mahdžir families. There is Ibo, he is from the Ibovci, Hatiovci are Mahdžirja, Kanturovci are Mahdžirja, Staraverovci are Mahdžirja. We’ve got many such clans, about ten to fifteen. There are also the Jerlije among us. To the Jerlije belong the Kiramovci, Slabakovci, Šantovci, Alčovci and Limbevci clans.