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Fatma Heinschink on cutting rods and the best baskets

Duration: 02:06
Source: Phonogrammarchiv, Austrian Academy of Sciences, B 38970 (excerpt); recorded by Mozes F. Heinschink in Vienna.
Date: 1986

The white rods cannot be worked with the knife alone. You put up a stake in the courtyard, not in the house, cleave it in the middle and pull the white rods through the split so that they are stripped of their leaves and skin. In this way they become white as kaymak cheese. The black rods are treated in the normal way, they are moistened, since they cannot be woven when they are dry. From the white rods we make "seles" (washing baskets) and "kabaklides" (baskets with lids). These are very sturdy. The black rods are used to produce "chalikes" (large baskets) and also baskets for cotton.