"Amen sijam kovačija ..." – "We are blacksmiths ..."

Told by Śerif Cana
Duration: 01:29
Source: Phonogrammarchiv, Austrian Academy of Sciences, B 37171 (excerpt, abridged); recorded by Mozes F. Heinschink among Arlije in Prizren, Kosovo.
Date: 1968

We are blacksmiths, we are craftsmen. We are not those Roma who lead nomadic lives. In our "mahalla" all Roma are rich and respectable. We have come here to practise our craft. I produce press moulds, iron pillars, iron bolts as well as mountings for doors, gates and wardrobes. Seven weeks after "herdelezi" we celebrate the Feast of St Daut. He was a blacksmith. Yet he took no hammer but simply used his hand, his fist. He is our patron saint (Romani: piri). Seven weeks after "herdelezi" we celebrate his feast.