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O gažo či las o colo – The gadžo didn't buy the carpet (dialogue between mother and son)

Duration: 00:57
Source: Phonogrammarchiv, Austrian Academy of Sciences, B 36223 (excerpt).
Date: 1968

"Avilan, muro šavo?" – "Avilem!" – "Te aves bachtalo!" – "Te aves bachtali!" – "Karing de? Sar? So? Sar phirdan? So dikhlan ande ljuma?" – "Aj so me dikhlem mamo!" – "So dikhlan, de?" – "Khonik inke Rom ande pesko trajo či dikhlas!" – "De, muro šavoro, baro o Deloro!" – "Sas te biknel pe atinti ek colo!" – "Bikinde?" – "Sas te lav pe leste duj ezera aj panž šela. Aj o gažo das pe atunči gindo, apoj te na lel les, ke vakindas mandar jek baro pe trin ezera aj trin šela!" – "Bari djela!" – "Aj das pe gindo kaj kuko colo aj phendas, kaj ame les chochadam. Aj mange del pe, te iskirisardas tele muro numero!" – "Aj pe kodo sode lanas?" – "Pe kodo, po baro, lem trin ezera taj trin šela!" – "Aj pe kado sode les tu?" – "Aj pe ko cino sas te lav duj aj panž šela. Avilas leski romni aj phendas leske duj vaj trin vorbi ando kan. Aj phendas o gažo: 'Či lav les!'"

"Have you arrived, my son?" – "Yes, I’ve arrived!" – "May you be happy!" – "May you be happy, too, (mother)!" – "What’s going on? What’s new? How did it go? What did you see in the world?" – "Oh, what I saw, mother!" – "What did you see?" – "No Rom has ever seen that in his life!" – "Come on, my son, the Lord is great." – "Actually, I should have sold a carpet just now." – "And – sold?" – "I could have got 2500 for it. But then the gadžo considered not to take it, because he had bought a large one for 3300 from me." – "A great thing!" – "He thought of that carpet and said that we had tricked him. It seems to me that he wrote down my number." – "How much did you get for that?" – "For that, for the large one, I got 3300." – "And how much do you charge for this one?" – "And for the small one I would have got 2500. But then his wife came, and she whispered two or three words into his ear. And then the gadžo said: 'I won’t take it!'"